Discover Distilling


Online Course



Looking to distil commercially and wondering how to start? Try our online introductory course covering the basics of the distilling process, the ingredients, recipes and equipment required for manufacturing different spirits.

Focussing on the practical aspects of distilling this course will  help you learn more whether you want to extend your current business or start a new venture.

Based on Brewlab’s popular three-day ‘Start Up Distilling’ course this online content contains presentations, examples and case studies at a range of levels. It also includes tutorial support with question and answer opportunities and feedback on technical details.

Booking gives you a 10% discount on the Start Up Distilling attendance course where you can experience practical demonstrations in production as well as detail on techniques and start up support.

The course fee is £60 including VAT.


At the end of the Discover Distilling programme you will have:


  • Seen an overview of the distilling and rectification processes with an introduction to the concepts of distilling theory.
  • Had opportunity to view and explore the parts of a still and their functions.
  • Had opportunity to view the features of common rectification products – gin, vodka and rum and seen their recipe details.
  • Seen presentations on small scale practical distilling.
  • Had opportunity to read reports of commercial distilleries and case studies.
  • Had opportunity to view cash flow examples of small-scale commercial distilling.
  • Had opportunity to engage with tutors to discuss distilling concepts and practical examples.
  • Obtained feedback on understanding from on-line activities and tutor engagement.


ONLINE Discover Distilling