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Online Course



Looking to develop your brewing knowledge or brew commercially and wondering how to start? Try our on-line introductory course covering the basics of the brewing process, the ingredients and recipes and equipment required for different beer styles.

Focusing on the practical elements this will give you a start on the fundamentals either to extend your current business, as a new start, or, perhaps, just to know more about your home production.

Based on Brewlab’s popular three Day Start Up Brewing course our on-line content contains presentations, examples and case studies at a range of levels. Includes tutorial support with question and answer opportunities and feedback on technical details.

Booking also gives you a 10% discount on our Start Up Brewing courses in London and Sunderland. On these you will gain practical demonstrations in production and extensive detail on techniques as well as support for your own applications and commercial developments.

The course fee is £60 including VAT.