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Brewlab Flavour Training Kit

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Contents of kit:

1) 18 flavours for recognition purposes.

These flavours are as follows and they are grouped by origin and association:

Malt associated flavours
Grassy (hexan-1-ol)
Dimethyl sulphide (DMS)
Astringent (tannic acid)
Cardboard (trans-2-nonenal)
Hop associated flavours
Isomerised hop extract (bitterness concentrate)
Hop oil (aroma concentrate)
Myrcene – (fresh resinous hop character)
Linalool – (spicy hop character)
Geraniol – (floral hop character)
Valeric acid – (cheesy, stale hop flavour)
Fermentation flavours
Iso-amyl acetate – (banana fruit character)
Ethyl hexanoate – (red apple fruit character)
Diacetyl – (butterscotch character)
Off flavours
Chlorophenol – (medicinal flavour)
Butyric acid – (sickly character)
Skunky (Ethyl-3-mercaptopropriate)

2) Samples of typical brewing malts

Pale malt Solid crushed grain
Crystal malt Solid crushed grain
Black malt Solid crushed grain
Roast barley Solid crushed grain

3) Samples of typical hops

Goldings (flowery aroma)
Cascade (citrus aroma)

4) Measuring implements

100ml measuring cylinder and 3ml pipettes

5) Pipettes for sampling and tasting.

6) Tasting notes and supporting materials (hard copy and on CD).

Explanatory notes
Procedural requirements
Tasting cards

Delivery charges:
UK: £2.50
European: £5.50
Worldwide: £9.90

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