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Sam Scoggin

My inspiration to attend Brewlab was a mutual passion for beer, and travel. Not only was it a great excuse to see England, but I believed it was the right program for my needs. I could have attended courses in the USA, but the waiting list were years long.

The most beneficial aspect to Brewlab was the intern opportunities. Being able to visit local breweries, and see how they run. Not only did it aid in the practical knowledge needed to be a professional brewer; it gave me hands-on experience that later landed me a job.

The practical side of Brewlab was the most beneficial, in my opinion.

I really enjoyed the lab work. Working in the lab, with microscopes is something that I would not have been able to teach myself. It's something I still use today.

Right now I'm the Head, and founding brewer for Elk Horn Brewer in Eugene Oregon. Before I worked for Rogue Ales, and Walking Man.

My position is Head Brewer. I work alongside my assistant, and we are both responsible for all aspects of beer, cider, mead, and soda production.
It's going very well. All our products are very well received in our community.

We produce 14 barrels per batch (about 16 hectoliters). This is our first year open, so I don't know what our yearly production will be yet. It's still a little too early to give you our projection.

I'm proud of all my recipes so far. Although, I started the Rogue Ales soda program, and my Honey Orange soda recipe just won Platinum at the 2014 World Beverage Competition in Switzerland.

My future is blurry at this point. Right now I'm only concerned with making the best beer possible, learning, and making a living doing what I truly enjoy. Brewlab made it all possible, and I cannot thank them enough. Cheers!

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