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Keystone Brewery

he Keystone brewery was established by Alasdair and Charlotte Large near Salisbury after Alasdair attended the 3 week Certificate in Practical Brewing course in 2004.

Before considering a brewing career Alasdair spent 20 years as a colonel in the army and on retiring looked for an active and challenging enterprise. Charlotte provides the marketing skills to promote Keystone’s bottled and cask beers into restaurants, cafes and pubs.

The broad portfolio of regular, seasonal and occasional beers offered by Keystone require them to be skilled in their recipe formulations and fermentation management. These skills which are strongly promoted on the Brewlab Practical Brewing certificate course.

Keystone beers are not just traditional but inventive. In 2007 Gold Spice won the Gold award in the Society of Independent Brewery regional competition. Brewed with recently released Boadicea hops, Gold Spice has a late addition of ginger to provide the award winning spice.

Brewlab supply advice, yeast and analytical services to Keystone whilst maintaining contact for future developments.

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