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Advanced Analysis Services

Advanced analyses of ingredients, yeasts and beers are increasingly important for breweries to optimise their production and perfect their products.

Ingredients require specification to ensure conformity to specification and to identify faults and off flavours. Yeast requires analysis to check strain characteristics and determine genetic drift. Products require characterizing to ensure trueness to type or to direct development of recipes. Brewlab’s advanced services provide high quality investigations on routine or occasional samples to maintain your consistency, identify faults and direct development.

Advanced Microbial Analysis Service (AMAS)

Brewlab’s Advanced Microbial Analysis Service (AMAS) provides an extensive, in-depth survey of yeast characteristics using modern molecular biology and microbiology techniques.

Suitable for brewers, cider and fruit wine makers seeking to assess the features of their regular yeasts or looking to characterize novel strains. The service conducts strain identification and physiological characterization using advanced methodologies and apparatus.

Particularly suitable for:

What is available?

Strain screening and isolation

Strain screening and isolation. Strain purity assessment using DNA fingerprinting, photomicroscopy and agar media growth responses. £95


Metabolic and growth profiling on fermentable sugars and growth factors, stress analysis, flavour profiles and sedimentation analysis. £150 per yeast.

Specific genomic analysis

Assessment of the presence or absence of specific genes and determination of sequence for characterization and mutation analysis. £75 per gene.

What Sample is Required?

For production samples 30ml from a freshly attenuated fermentation.
For novel isolations, a slope or suspension of the sample material.
(Sample containers and sampling protocols are available on request).

What will I obtain?

We will provide you with a comprehensive report on the features of your yeast including images suitable for publicity and promotional literature. Our report will contain specifications of yeast characteristics and recommendations on their relevance to general use and to any specific applications you indicate. Specifications will be given for comparison to standard strains. All samples and data are kept securely and confidential. The process is managed by our quality assurance protocols for traceability.

What background does Brewlab have in yeast management?

Brewlab has an extensive history in yeast management, storage and characterisation. We store over 200 yeast strains in secure conditions for reuse as required. Cultures for commercial inoculation are regularly grown for commercial brewing, cider and wine making using our specialist strains and unique customer isolates. This work is conducted at Brewlab’s analysis laboratory and a dedicated laboratory at the University of Sunderland containing PCR and metabolic growth analysis apparatus.

Check our expertise in research and development in “Advances in Cider and Fruit Wine Technology”, Aspects of Applied Biology 111. Published by the Association of Applied Biologists. 2011. Available direct from Brewlab or

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