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    A-Z Beer

    7th Feb 2017:by Richard

    Astringency Ever had a dry mouth after a pint of beer? Most drinkers have experienced this and savour their beer for some time after the last mouthful particularly if it is a dry and bitter pint. ...

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  • Put Out Your Tongue

    24th Jan 2017:by Richard

    Put out your tongue. Look in the mirror and check its colour. Stroke it gently and check its surface feel. Keeping your sensory hardware in good condition is as important as learning your flavours and...

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    Science in the Brewery

    20th Jan 2017:by Richard

    What use is science in brewing beer? Isn’t it just like cooking - follow a recipe and bottle the result? In some cases brewing can be like a formula. Take some malt, extract the sugars and ferment ...

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    Glossary of Brewing Terms

    16th Jan 2017:by Richard

    Acetic acid A common acid produced by a variety of yeasts and bacteria. A major spoilage flavour resulting from the growth of acetic acid bacteria in beer and detectable by a vinegar like aroma and ...

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  • Brewing Career Map

    21st Dec 2016:by Richard

    Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution to with this graphic...

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    Do you have what it takes to be a successful brewer?

    12th Dec 2016:by Richard

    All professions have their high points and their difficult jobs. Brewing has plenty of positive and enjoyable demands but also some wet and messy, heavy and difficult jobs too. To brew beer well and...

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    So, you want to brew?

    9th Dec 2016:by Richard

    From our experience at Brewlab it is interesting to see the background of brewers and gauge their motivations. Plenty of brewers start brewing with the passion to extend their homebrewing ...

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    Train the Brewlab Way

    9th Dec 2016:by Richard

    Training by Brewlab has been demonstrated to be a route to success by many of our students and their start up breweries. It not only provides motivation and encouragement but gives you important ...

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    Pitch Perfect

    8th Dec 2016:by Richard

    The effects of under-pitching your yeast are well known – slow and incomplete fermentations, contamination, customer complaints and lost income. But what of the effects of over-pitching? Moreover, ...

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    Darken your ale

    6th Dec 2016:by Richard

    Adding darkness to your beer can be more than giving it a threatening image. Darkness typically means the use of roasted malts or barley in your grist and the subsequent development of coffee, ...

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    Brewlab explained... in Mandarin!

    21st Sep 2016:by Richard

    One of our students took time out to film a short video about Brewlab whilst he was studying for his Diploma in British Brewing Technology. Claud, from Taiwan, speaks in Mandarin about the history ...

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  • Effects of Temperature on Major Beer Compounds During Barrel Maturation.

    28th Jul 2016:by Richard

    Maturing beer in wooden casks is a popular means of enhancing distinction to today’s breweries. Wood, though, is a complex material easily prone to host different microorganisms because of its ...

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  • Edible Ale

    28th Jul 2016:by Richard

    Most of us are happy to drink our ale but some drinkers are keen to eat it also. Sounds strange but are appearing with options to include other parts of the brewing process in our diet. Often these ...

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  • Brewlab recipe calculator app now available for download

    30th May 2012:by Richard

    Brew App is a really useful ingredient calculation tool for professional brewers that enables individuals to generate recipes in the same way as large professional brewing companies. To download ...

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