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Advanced Brewing Technology


A detailed and progressive programme of study focused on developing knowledge and understanding required for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling Diploma examinations.

The programme provides content and instruction in the theory and practice of the brewing process with direct contact to tutors and on line support for your learning. The programme includes an optional one day introduction session to orientate the study programme. A five day tutorial and revision programme is also available to consolidate learning and assess understanding.

Teaching methods include workbooks, on line support materials, tutorials and workshops. Regular on line tests and example questions provide feedback to plot your development and highlight areas of focus. Tutor mentoring allows you to access expert support and advice and provides personal guidance.

Who is eligible for this course?

This course is suitable for those with experience of the brewing process typically from employment in the industry or for those looking to gain internationally recognised qualifications to enter the industry.

An understanding of basic scientific and engineering concepts is desirable to facilitate understanding of the material. This would be typically provided by a high school or university study but can be gained through our on line pre-entry study programme. Achievement of the Brewlab Diploma qualification is a good guide to a suitable background.

Specific areas of requirement are an understanding of chemical notation, molecular composition and simple reaction mechanisms, basic characteristics of biological cells and biochemical molecules, simple formulae for fluid flow and heat transfer.

The course fee is £1250 per module.

  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of brewing science and technology.
  • Develop an understanding of the processes involved in wort and beer production, in yeast management and in processing.
  • Demonstrate ability to interpret information from the brewing process.
  • Demonstrate abilities to interpret and analyse information from quality assessment of brewing and beer samples.

The course follows the three IBD module components with instruction in

Module 1: Materials and Wort

Module 2: Yeast and Beer

Module 3: Packaging Technology and Process Technology

It is recommended that these modules are taken separately unless extensive study time can be devoted.

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  • Module 1: Materials & Wort Full Cost: £1250.00 -
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  • Module 2: Yeast & Beer Full Cost: £1250.00 -
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  • Module 3: Packaging & Process Technology Full Cost: £1250.00 -

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